• "Bob's ability to cut through nonsense is amazing..."
  • "I was no longer afraid to take risks in my life..."
  • "Bob has helped me strengthen my ability to manifest what I want in life!"

Nancy K. , Teacher
Bob was my coach many years ago. His coaching was exceptional and made a profound difference in my life. When he first started coaching me he said he was committed to my greatness and by the end of our agreement I must say I did not recognize myself!

I was no longer afraid to take risks in my life. I gained confidence in so many other areas of my life. I lost weight (something that had been a problem for me in the past), I got married, and I finally went back to school to get my teaching credential.

His commitment to my greatness is something I will never get over. I cannot recommend anyone better at coaching someone in any area of one’s life.

Adam K., author of Self-Help Stuff That Works and Principles For Personal Growth
Bob’s ability to cut through nonsense is amazing. He knows the way the mind works, and he knows it so well he is able to prevent you from being taken in by its games and tricks and traps.

If you're ready to take your life to the next level, I highly recommend Bob Boyle for life coaching. His work is about personal growth. It's about commitments and accountability. He
commits himself to your goal, so you'll have a powerful personal ally in your process of breaking through the obstacles that have been holding you back.

If you're ready to take the next step — especially if you have something you've wanted for a long time and you haven't gotten it yet — here's an opportunity to step into the future you want.

Klassy E., author and public speaker
Bob helps me think in new ways about places where I'm stuck. He asks me to question myself in ways I find enlightening. Something happens when I'm working with him that doesn't happen when I'm alone. As a fitness trainer helps you get in great physical shape, Bob has helped me strengthen my ability to manifest what I want in life! And a goal I've wanted for more than ten years is FINALLY coming true!

Jill S.
[In the workshop] I enjoyed Listening to the other participants and inserting my own issues into their scenarios. I was able to see the intersection between us and how we all share so many things as people!